Retirement Distribution Advisors

We have found that the number one priority for most of our clients is preparing for retirement.  They want to know "how much is enough" to make sure they don't outlive their money.  We have frank discussions with our clients regarding their level of savings and what they will need to do to reach their retirement goals.  We talk about Retirement Preparedness and the Realities of Retirement, many advisors miss these important discussions. 

Once retirement has arrived, we focus on and implement strategies to provide the necessary income needed.  spending of retirement assets and ultimately for the distribution of remaining assets to the client's heirs.


Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)


One of the downsides of IRAs is that every year, millions of Americans are forced to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their IRAs and qualified plans starting at age 70½. This RMD can drastically decrease the amount that will be left for their beneficiaries after they’re gone.

The distribution phase of a person's financial journey is very different then the accumulation phase.  In the distribution phase, a.k.a. "Retirement", the primary concern most people have is Out-Living their assets.

As an independent firm our job is to find the products and services based on your goals and income needs.  Re-Direct Financial Services has a broad portfolio of Required Minimum Distribution solutions.  We review the various companies that provide products with various income options.  Then, we independently provide the "Best Fit" of the options available that meet your specific needs.


Other Retirement Issues to Consider

Things that are Not in Our Control at Retirement

  • Inflation
  • Social Security
  • Pension Plans
  • Market Performance
  • Our Health
  • How Long We Will Live

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